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Amazing imagery for animal and sports lovers by a Chichester based photographer



It's all about you

Enjoy a session where the camera is on you and only you. Catch every movement, jump, gybe or flaka.

Share with friends

Book a session with mates and we'll catch you all at your best. Just remember that when your jumping your mate is riding.


We meet, discuss then get on the water for the action, making sure you get the imagery you want.

In perspective

500mm: Big reach
Canon 1DX Mkii: superb focus
Style: Action

The colours

Shooting into the sun: Why not
Post edit: Minor
Perspective: Wide open space
Horse On Black Backgorund By Chichester Photographer


Focussed on you

Studio style shots, edited and produced to an exceptional standard, ready for printing and framing.

Share with friends

Sensitive and personal shots showing the relationship between you and your horse.

a spring day with your dog

We have amazing scenery and big open spaces to enjoy an outdoor shoot


Your dog and you

Capture the essence of your best friend and you.

The great outdoors

I’m passionate about where I live and the opportunities it offers for great imagery.

In perspective

70-200mm: Short reach
Canon R5: Amazing AF
Style: Feeling the scene

The colours

Cold day: Grey
Sharp wind: Protected by sand dunes


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